The SimHealth Conference is a national forum for simulation in Australasia, bringing together international and local experts in simulation education, research and development, human factors, system design and quality improvement. The program covers multiple concurrent streams, including numerous small group workshops.

Since 2016, the SimHealth Conference now forms an integral part of the Australasian Simulation Congress.

To find out more information, please visit the ASC website

  • SimHealth 2015 (Adelaide)
  • SimHealth 2014 (Adelaide)
  • SimHealth 2013 (Brisbane)
  • SimHealth 2012 (Sydney)
  • SimHealth 2011 (Sydney)
  • SimTecT Health 2010 (Melbourne)
  • SimTecT Health 2009 (Melbourne)
  • SimTecT Health 2008 (Brisbane)
  • SimTecT Health 2007 (Brisbane)
  • SimTecT Health 2006 (Brisbane)
  • SimTecT Health 2005 (Brisbane)