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  • Abacus ALS
    Abacus ALS offers a wide range of simulation manikins, task trainers and other educational products to suit a broad range of training needs for medical, paramedical and nursing professionals and trainees.
  • Academy of Health Sciences
    The West Coast Institute’s Academy of Health Sciences is committed to training highly competent, industry–ready health professionals
  • ACT Region ICTN
    The Simulated Learning Environment (SLE) program, in collaboration with the ACT Region ICTN, offers an online lending library that enables members to borrow simulation equipment and be supported with technical and education services.
  • Adacel Technologies
    Adacel is a leading developer of advanced simulation and control systems for aviation and defence. The company operates in the Global Aerospace Systems market including Operational Air Traffic Management, Airport and Air Traffic Control Training, and Airborne Vehicle Systems.
  • Advanced Computing Research Centre (ACRC)
    The Advanced Computing Research Centre (ACRC) combines academic rigour with research expertise and industry collaboration to deliver innovative computing solutions.