Simulation Australasia Ltd has a role to voice to politicians, senior government officials, media representatives, other national organisations’ and decision-makers, the relevance of simulation application and policy in Australasia.

The Training and Simulation Industry in Australasia offers world-class capabilities at internationally competitive prices. The business environment promotes competition and innovation, enabling companies to provide best-value solutions to the world market.

Australasia’s Training and Simulation industry comprises companies with innovative technologies, and organisations with proven ability in complex systems and services delivery.

Companies are usually willing to team to offer complimentary skills – resulting in the most comprehensive and cost-effective solution for the customer. Many operate in multiple countries, and have experience in handling cultural and security issues.

A full range of capabilities and services are available – from sophisticated modelling of equipment and operations, training analysis and courseware production, simulation products, devices and systems, through to the construction, management and operation of training and support centres.

Key Messages

  • Simulation helps make better decisions, leading to efficiency and opportunity exploitation
  • Simulation helps avoid costly mistakes (human life and financial)
  • Simulation requires particular skills
  • Simulation is becoming more popular as return on investment is proven
  • Simulation is becoming an industry and career in its own right
  • Simulation is the way of the future
  • Simulation is becoming more accessible and
  • Simulation is not always about technology or high cost up-front investment (some is)

There is no better time than now to educate about the benefits of simulation and the need for simulation resources. Support can be generated by showing policymakers and their staff simulation first-hand during simulation centre tours and member showcases.  Take action now by contacting your local policymakers and inviting them to tour your simulation centre or see the work you are doing within your company. Simulation Australasia staff are able to assist you in making these connections.